Groisman Quoted in JNS on Action for Client in European Court of Justice

Gabriel Groisman is quoted in an article about a matter on behalf of an Israeli winery, Psagot.

Gabriel Groisman, an attorney and the mayor of Bal Harbour in Southeast Florida, who is part of the legal team representing Psagot, is adamant that E.U. law does not require what he calls discriminatory labeling against Israeli products, And he also agrees that E.U. member states are not free to set their own labeling laws, as France has tried to do.

He tells JNS that the case reflects a new reality in which Jews and Israelis face delegitimization. But he insists that they will not get away with it without a fight.

“Jews and Israelis alike will not lie down and take discrimination quietly,” says Groisman.

He adds it is important to note that the fight will continue even after the opinion was issued.

“Those seeking to delegitimize Israel, the Jewish people, and Judea and Samaria will continue their efforts. It should be known that we will continue to combat their efforts in all corners of the world. Wishing away these problems will not make them go away,” he says. “We must combat discrimination and discriminatory practices through all avenues available, including diplomacy, the ballot box and in courts of law.”


-Gabriel Groisman

Mon Nov 18, 3:10pm

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