A company’s workforce is one of its most valuable assets. Yet failure to comply with the complex web of federal and state laws and regulations which govern the employee-employer relationship can result in significant company liability. Groisman Law, PLLC, helps companies defend themselves against a vast array of employment claims and administrative actions which can disrupt operations and expose a company to significant losses. We are as committed to protecting the rights of workers when employers run afoul of their obligations.

Effective and Efficient Resolutions for All Employment Disputes

Groisman Law’s employment law attorneys have extensive knowledge of the legal landscape in which employment disputes arise. We are equally adept at crafting effective defenses for employers who find themselves in the crosshairs of dubious claims or in asserting powerful claims for wronged employees. Our attorneys display litigation acumen in both courtroom and administrative proceedings. Further, our  dispute resolution experience allows us to create solutions that minimize costs and liabilities while maintaining an ongoing healthy employee relationship.

Our employment lawyers possess significant experience representing both employers and employees in labor and employment litigation in Florida state and federal courts, as well as in state and federal administrative proceedings.

Discrimination Claims

We handle a wide range of employment-related claims, including:

  • Race and Color Discrimination
  • National Origin Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Sex Discrimination

Wage and Hour Claims

Our lawyers also understand the nuances and complexities of wage and hour claims and provide seasoned representation in matters relating to:  

  • Individual and Collective Actions
  • Unpaid Overtime
  • Minimum Wage
  • Misclassifications
  • Unpaid Hours
  • Flex Pay
  • Tipped Employees
  • Retaliation
  • Equal Pay Act Violations

All Employment-Related Matters

Our employment law services also include the representation of employers and employees in claims relating to:

  • Sexual Harassment/Hostile Work Environment
  • Unpaid Commissions
  • Severance Package Negotiation
  • Reasonable Accommodation
  • Workplace violence
  • OSHA and workplace safety issues
  • Trade secret theft and enforcement of non-competition agreements
  • Employee benefits and ERISA
  • Whistleblower actions
  • Unfair labor practices
  • Employee privacy
  • Executive compensation
  • Drug-related policies
  • Workplace torts, including defamation, breach of fiduciary duty and conversion

In addition to addressing problems when they arise, Groisman Law works with companies to provide practical guidance that can minimize the likelihood of employment disputes in the future. We offer counsel to assist clients in establishing and implementing programs and strategies designed to ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory obligations.

Groisman Law, PLLC: South Florida Employment Law Attorneys

No matter what disputes arise between employers and employees in South Florida, Groisman Law is well-positioned to find solutions that work. We are committed to your success and prosperity. Our firm has the skills, insights, and commitment to help you with your most important matters.

To arrange for a consultation and to learn more about how Groisman Law can assist you with your employment law issues, please call us at (305) 930-7979.

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