Running a business requires wearing many hats while juggling of an endless number of responsibilities. Keeping your company on the right side of the ledger – and the right side of the law – can be overwhelming even for the brightest and most committed entrepreneurs.

Building and growing a company, whether in its earliest stages or when scaling and expanding, is not for the fainthearted and is not something that can or should be done alone. A team of talented professionals leveraging their unique strengths in the service of a common goal is an indispensable quality shared by every successful business. This includes having sophisticated and dedicated legal counsel as part of that team, deftly navigating never-ending legal and regulatory issues so you can focus the work you love.

Partners in Your Success

The South Florida business lawyers of Groisman Law, PLLC partner with companies of all sizes and in every industry to provide them with sound counsel, steady guidance, and personalized, committed representation. Your business is an integral part of your life, we have built a boutique law firm focused on providing personal business representation tailored to your individual needs, goals, and concerns.

Finding business lawyers who have the skills, resources, and experience to provide the comprehensive legal services all businesses require can be a challenge. It can be harder still to find such representation in attorneys who take the time to develop lasting relationships that instill trust and ensure the delivery of legal services optimally designed for each client’s business objectives.

Comprehensive General Counsel Services for All Businesses

We built our complete suite of general counsel services on a foundation of deep and broad experience and a proactive, solution-driven approach that always keeps the bottom line front-and-center. We know that our value to you derives not only from the soundness of our guidance but also from the efficiency and cost-effectiveness with which we provide it.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to turn your vision into a viable enterprise or you run a thriving company looking to build on its success, Groisman Law can provide you with the representation and counsel that can be instrumental to reaching and exceeding your goals.

We offer general counsel services which include:

Corporate Entity Selection and Formation. We work seamlessly with business owners to lay the foundation for long-term success by selecting and establishing the entity structure best suited to their circumstances and objectives.

Partnership and Shareholder Agreements. Agreements which clearly define the relationships, rights, and obligations of owners and partners can help businesses avoid costly misunderstanding and destructive conflicts while facilitating effective management and efficient operations. We craft meticulous documentation for corporate ownership, governance, and succession.

Contract Negotiation and Drafting. Businesses are built on relationships – with vendors, suppliers, clients, customers, and business partners. In turn, the best business relationships are built on a clear understanding of each party’s rights and responsibilities. We negotiate and prepare contracts of all kinds which facilitate positive, ongoing transactions, shield our clients from risk, and place them in positions of strength if disputes arise.

Business Counseling. Every day brings new and unexpected challenges for business owners. Every month, quarter, or fiscal year requires owners to make strategic decisions which can determine the trajectory of the company.  Groisman Law’s business lawyers counsel clients on the day-to-day and long-term issues they confront, providing accessible, responsive guidance whenever and wherever needed.

Employment Law. Groisman Law represents and advises companies on a broad range of employment matters, helping them navigate the web of laws and regulations governing workforce relationships. We provide pre-litigation advice and counseling regarding employment issues as they arise in real time, helping clients avoid litigation or regulatory headaches. If such matters do arise, our litigators have the forceful advocacy skills and legal acumen to achieve positive outcomes.

Operations and Compliance Counsel. Ensuring that your business is in complies with all of its legal and contractual obligations can be a full-time job. It requires constant vigilance as well as the vision to establish structures and protocols which can minimize the likelihood of problems. We help businesses with all of their compliance needs and provide sound guidance on operational issues. 

Groisman Law, PLLC: South Florida Miami Business Attorneys

At Groisman Law, we know how much your business means to you. When you retain us as your business lawyers, you’ll know how much your business means to us. We are committed to your success and prosperity and have the skills, insights, and commitment to help you exceed your goals.

To arrange for a consultation and to learn more about how Groisman Law can help your business, call us at (305) 930-7979.

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