Groisman Law will conduct a comprehensive search of existing trademarks, and of the marketplace, so that we can identify the potential strengths and weakness of your desired mark relative to other marks, whether those other marks are registered trademarks or not. Performing due diligence up front can maximize the chances of your trademark application being approved by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Due diligence also minimizes the chances that you will face claims of infringement which could lead to costly litigation and the decimation of your branding efforts.

Once we complete our trademark clearance work, we prepare a written opinion to you based on the information gathered about moving forward with your mark.  If you decide to move forward with registration, the next step is the preparation of the necessary materials to file your US trademark application, so that your mark can be registered with the USPTO, as well as with foreign trademark authorities where desired and appropriate.

Registering a trademark is essential for enhancing the strength of your trademark and avoiding expensive infringement claims. The technical and substantive requirements for trademark registration can be complicated and can involve multiple levels of review as well as opposition and challenges by others seeking to deny the registration of your trademark.

Groisman Law has extensive experience that can help you with all steps of the registration process.

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